Medfab creates accurate, detailed, multi-dimensional seat cushions and backs, wheelchair cushions, pillows or any other type of cushioning product. Depending on the application, we use anywhere from one to multiple layers of polyurethane foam products to create exactly what you desire. With hundreds of polyurethane materials available, we can always create the perfect solution to your needs.


We use sculpture, contour, horizontal and vertical cutting saws to create the shapes. We combine them together using special spray adhesives, then routers, shapers and even pneumatic hand foam grinders create virtually any shape and contoured cushion you can imagine.

One of our fortes is the ability to create complex parts and cushions that other foam fabricators only dream of. We take various polyurethane foams ranging from 1 lb. per cubic foot to 5 lbs. per cubic foot and I.L.D. ratings (softness / stiffness ratings) ranges from 20 - 120 to create application specific custom cushions per our customers requirements. If you prefer, just bring your concept or idea to us, our engineering and design specialists will create the perfect solution for your needs. Put us to the test on your next cushion project!

Complete seat system for aircraft manufacturer

Leg abduction pillow complete with Velcro straps

Ergonomic contour pillow made of viscoelastic polyurethane

Pressure reduction wheelchair cushion to reduce pressure sores

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