Medfab's CELLU-FORM foam molding process transforms simple cross-linked polyethylene foam (XLPE) into stunning, complex, multi-dimensional parts and products. Our unique process keeps heat to a minimum. This results in the ability to easily take your designs from concept to production quickly and economically.


The CELLU-FORM process can mold parts with undercuts, difficult parting lines, varying densities and multiple colors. Conventional heat molding processes simply cannot duplicate the advantages of our CELLU-FORM process. If you can imagine it, we can produce it! Check out the unique things we can do with our CELLU-FORM process:

A Medfab advantage - completely encasing a different material. With our unique process, we can encapsulate virtually any material; ergonomic foams, aluminum, steel, plastics, wood or any other product you can imagine.
One of the advantages of our CELLU-FORM process is the ability to bond varying densities and colors of foams right in the mold. This allows for various stiffness, softness, aesthetic variations and complete design freedom. We can even fuse snaps, fasteners and other devices right to the foam part!



Using XLPE and the CELLU-FORM molding process is a designers dream with a universe of options and advantages. XLPE is a unique, closed cell foam. XLPE is very durable and has high chemical and UV resistance. XLPE's extremely fine celled molecular structure makes it soft, flexible, water resistant and resilient. It floats, it insulates, it cushions, it absorbs energy and it has sound deadening capabilities. XLPE accepts conventional screening processes because ink bonds directly to the foam during the CELLU-FORM process. Almost any logo, color or pattern can be printed directly on a polyethylene film, then, during our molding process the printed film is fused to the part leaving only the printed image visible. The CELLU-FORM process lets you combine color with encapsulation, fusion and decorating options that no other process or foam can match. New developments are being explored continually. Remember, with you, the Medfab CELLU-FORM process and our design engineering assistance, we can make your dream product come true.

Energy absorbing thigh pad for football athletics
Multi-density shoulder humeral fracture orthosis device
Soft ice fishing seat cushion to fit top of five-gallon bucket
Wrist, hand, finger (WHF) orthosis device with stainless steel wire insert

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